Thursday, November 27, 2014

Week 40: DENGUE

So this last week was pretty awful, and I will explain why. But I realize that I need to preface this message with a statement that EVERYTHING IS NOW FINE AND THERE IS NOTHING TO WORRY ABOUT MOM SO DONT GO AND BUY A TICKET TO HERMOSILLO TO COME MAKE SURE I Am OK. IT IS ALL GOOD.

Great. OK so, here is how it all happened. Tuesday morning, Elder Evans and I had to wake up early to go to a meeting in the mission offices. I wake up, jump out of my bed, and immediately notice that my head is not feeling to great. I don't think much of it, chug some water, and carry on getting ready. As we got to the meeting, it only started to get worse. What started out as a little headache, was now actually really starting to bug me. People were coming up to say hi and catch up, and I didn't want to talk to anyone I just wanted to go home and go to bed....

So finally after the meeting finished, that's what we did. I figured if I could just bust out a quick 30 minute power nap, I would be all good and we could get back to work. But the 30 minute power nap turned in to an hour and a half power outage in my body. I woke up feeling absolutely horrible. Other missionaries in our mission have reported having Dengue, so in fears of that being what it was, I figured we had better go to the hospital.

After HOURS of waiting and waiting for just 15 simple minutes of attention (how sad the medical administration is in Mexico, and that was supposed to be the Emergency Room...), they took a bit of blood and told me that I had contracted the Dengue virus! And in order to get better, I was going to have to stay in my house, without any reason for leaving, for 5 ENTIRE DAYS. ARE YA KIDDING ME.

It was like tortuRe. 5 days, in our tiny little house, not being allowed to leave, with nothing to do, not being able to go out and work. Ugh man it was awful. BUT, we made the most out of it and did a ton of studying and sleeping....

Finally after 5 days, I was set free. Only to find out that my companion has just now contracted Dengue. So, these have been a tough few days, frustrating to say the least. But hey, I got Dengue, that should be a fun story to tell..

Next week I hope to email you all with some more exciting and uplifting stories. For the meantime, pray for my compa so that he can get rid of the Dengue that I gave to him!!!!
Elder Bernal

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