Tuesday, December 15, 2015

Week 98: "Walk with Me"

Hello everyone!

What a crazy week! We had transfers, and we said goodbye to a generation of 18 missionaries, one of the being my companion Elder Vandenbosch! I had the opportunity to be with these missionaries the night before they went home, and we listened to them bear their testimonies after two years of dedicated service. The spirit was very strong and I was so humbled to hear from these departing Elders and sisters. 4 of them had previously been my companions, so I got a little emotional seeing them leave.....

My new companions name is Elder Campuzano and he is a stud! He is from Monterrey Mexico, and he played Football in his high school! We both have very similar personalities so i think this is going to be a great transfer.

Our ward got together this week and we had a big Christmas dinner! The put together a really cool slide show of all the cool events that happened this year, and it was so legit I was blown away. It was easily one of the cooler things that I have seen here in a ward. The little primary munchkins and the nursery kids performed a little Christmas dance dressed up as reindeer with antlers and omg it was adorable. It was a huge turnout and a blast! I was honestly so impressed with how well and organized everything was, probably the best ward activity I have had in my entire mission! It got my SO pumped for the Christmas season.

So this week I was stalking through some of the pictures that my companion has of his mission, and I came across a poem that is called "Walk with Me" (see picture attached). I started reading it, and it started off really good. Then it got better. Turns out that I liked it so much I wanted to share it with you all. Here it is:

"Walk with me," I heard Him say,
"Walk with me awhile today."
"Talk with me," I heard Him speak,
"Talk with me of things you think."
Share with me the things you feel,
Share with me so you can heal.
Cry with me through your heartbreaks,
Cry with me when your soul aches.
Look with me, a new sunrise!
Look with me through opened eyes.
See with me the world anew,
See with me my point of view.
Laugh with me in pure delight,
Laugh with me, its all alright!
Sing with me we stroll along,
Sing with me I love your song.
Learn with me your wondrous story,
Learn with me your prior glory.
Know with me just who you are,
Know with me we`ve traveled far. 
Create with me and dreams come true
Create with me I create through you.
Walk with me on Heaven`s shore,
Walk with me forever more!

Love you all, hope you have a great week! Do something nice for someone every day to spread the Christmas spirit!

Elder Bernal

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