Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Week 23: "This is what we work for and why we do missionary work"

Que onda?

This week was SO AWESOME.

1. Juan, our little buddy that we have been visiting for a while got baptized! Ah it was soooooooo awesome. This is a kid that grew up in a family where is sister and mom were members, but haven't been going to church for too long. As we taught them and Juan, they started going back and letting God enter their lives again. At Juan's baptism, there was a little bit of confusion amongst the members and long story short there was like a short moment of panic, but I just remember looking at Juan and seeing the spark in his eyes and his smile from ear to ear, and I realized that throughout all of this, he wasn't paying any attention to any of it and was just so excited to be baptized. His smile and cheerfulness spread and lit up the room, and when we final performed the ordinance, I, like him, had a smile from ear to ear. This is what we work for and why we do missionary work, and when we finally get to see someone make this important decision in their lives, it is one of the most gratifying and happiest moments that can be experience. I LOVE IT.

2. We had one pretty cool miracle. We walking passed an auto shop, and we had talked briefly with the dudes that worked their before. This time, they stopped us and wanted to "chat". The guys pulls out the Book of Mormon that he had and was like "Hey, I read this whole thing!" We were like, oh gee wow that's awesome! And what did you think? So casually he just blurted out, "Pure lies! All of it!" We kind just stood their like, uh.... well that's unfortunate to hear my good Senor. It sort of sparked a conversation that got a little out of hand, and as we began to defend our testimonies and beliefs firmly, we realized that we weren't getting anything done talking to this guy, because all he wanted to do was bash what is so important to me. However, there was one woman that was walking by that heard us talking, and came over to sit down. As a took a glance over at her, I was about to continue talking with this man, when I caught a glimpse of this woman's eyes. She looked at me, with a pure and humble sparkle in her eyes, that caused me to put that other conversation on pause and think "Woah, who the heck are you, we need to talk." Her eyes seemed to scream at, begging me to come talk to her, as if she had been longing to hear what we had to say. We ditched our friendly mechanics, and walked this lady home. As we began to teach her, my companion and I both just felt so strongly to skip straight to a baptismal invitation, to which she accepted instantly, saying it was something that she has always wanted to do but just hasn't gotten the opportunity. BUT, maybe one of the best parts was when we invited her to say the closing prayer, I began to teach her how to start, first addressing our Father In Heaven, to which she said then continued without waiting for further instruction. She proceeded to ask god to Bless just about every single other person in her life, before asking him to bless her first. This whole time I am just in shock at how amazing she is doing, doing everything perfectly correct without even realizing it. As she finished in the name of Jesus Christ, my companion and I almost started laughing because of how perfect and beautiful it was. OMG I wish you guys could have been thereeeeee. It was absolutely incredible.

3. Another humbling experience. We taught the law of Tithings and Fast offerings to a women who lives in very poor circumstances. For one reason or another, we must not have just explained it super well because she got the idea that tithing consisted of paying 100% of you earnings, and not the correct 10%. She said to us "So your saying that I have to give all that I earn to God?" Without getting a chance to respond, she looked down humbly and said, "Ok, I´ll do it. I will give it all." As we explained to her that it was really just 10% and it was all about the act of faith, I couldn't help but feel extremely humbled to hear this lady, in her conditions, willing give up all that she has for God. It made me realize why God loves the humble, and those who are willing to give up all for him. Even though this lady barely had anything, and what she earns is barely enough, she was willing to give it ALL up because had faith that God would provide.

4. Life is just soooooooooooo Gooooooooooooooooooooooooood I had a last of tons of stuff I was going to write but I forgot it. HA.

5. Check out this video of the temple. Speaking of giving up things for the Lord, Look at what this family sacrificed in order to receive the sacred ordinances. This is one of my favorite messages to share that is unique to our church, and I invite all of you to check it out! I am also including it in Spanish because I think the dudes voice is epic.



Love you guys all so much. Life is good!
Elder Bernal

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