Monday, July 14, 2014

Week 22: "IT RAINED"

Hello all!

The weeks are starting to go by so fast and it is starting to scare me... But some really cool things happened this week!

1. IT RAINED. It was about 8:50 and my companion and I were walking back to the house. There was a lightning storm that was going on but it wasn't raining or anything, just some cool thunder noises. Literally right as we got to the house, it started to just down pour. The heavens opened and it was like God was trying to flood the earth again. It was raining so hard, pounding down, and I absolutely loved it. Having not seen rain for a very long time, and coming from Rain City, I threw my backpack inside, and just sat outside and let the rain hit my face. I literally cant describe how happy I was, but I must have stayed out there for twenty minutes or so and just soaked in all the rain I could, literally and figuratively. We made a joke the next day that we were going to have a ton of success from that point on, because Hermosillo got baptized the night before!

2. We had an awesome day in church with Two special investigators. One of them is Juan, who is 11 years old, is from a family who are members, but haven't been to church for a while. We have been bringing them with us and they are starting to become active again, and Juan and his little brother are going to be baptized next week! Super excited for them. The other investigator that we have is named Javier. He is a 21 year old guy who's is ripped, and also speaks a little bit of English. He is a super nice guy that we have been teaching for about two weeks now, and he is also working on being baptized in just a few weeks. Keep these people in your prayers!

3. We had an activity in the church on Saturday for all the young kids in the primary called Dia en la mision! A ton of us missionaries were there, and we basically taught all the little kids what we do as missionaries, and how they can share the gospel with their friends as well! My favorite part was one we broke off into smaller groups, and Elder Bake and I had the kids right their testimonies of the church on a piece of paper. They then began to share their testimonies with us, and invite us to church. As these young kids looked me in the eyes and bore their personal testimony of the church and their knowledge that Christs lives, it made me happy to hear such beautiful words from such young souls. Their words were so pure and innocent and it made me feel the spirit. And then when they made me commit to come to church that Sunday, I knew that one day they would make great missionaries!

Hope all is well back home! Los amo a todos!
Elder Bernal

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