Monday, June 30, 2014

Week 21: "The country is going through an emotional depression"

Hello everyone!

This will be another short letter because the country is currently going through an emotional depression. Mexico lost in the World cup, the only thing that seemed to matter for the last two weeks, and as a result, we have to go cheer them up with a very important message.

Apart from this travesty, it was a really good week. Went by super fast too. Two nights this week, we had an activity at the church where we brought like 20 muchachos to the small court we have and we played soccer! It was soooo sooo fun, and we played for hours each time. The kids seemed to have a blast, a few of them came to church with us on Sunday as well! Also made me realize that I am so bad at soccer. Some of the 11 year olds just smoked me.

I figure that while I am here in Mexico, I might as well just start up a couple businesses of my own right? So in addition to the Mechanic shop that I sent home in the other photo, I have opened my own Papeleria, or a paper store, where I will be making copies of the Book of Mormon and other important gospel readings for all, free of charge. Already put the sign up and everything. Come check it out

Love you all! The Church is true!
Elder Bernal

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