Monday, June 2, 2014

Week 18: "Life is good!"

Hello Everyone!

Mark the day, Thursday May 29th, Guaymas Sonora just cranked up the heat. Before the Thursday, it was like ok, right? Definitely hot, humid, but like not too bad. you just get used to it. but then Wednesday came and it was all super cloudy and also very humid. It looked like it was going to rain, never did obvi, but just super humid right. So the next day, THE Thursday, it was a nightmare. All of a sudden, it was like yesterday was just a tease with all the clouds and now the real heat was coming... like the calm before the storm.... so basically, ever since then, it has been HOT. Non stop sweating, and its a little gross but hey, hay que trabajar en la obra del Senor, no?

The week was great overall. We brought two awesome families to church with us. Two of the kids were begging us to come visit them every day of the week, and nearly jumped out of the chairs at the invitation to come to church. The other family is super cool too, and invited us to celebrate their daughters 8th birthday. We went, duh, had some fun, ate some cake, had a sleep over, pillow fight, you know how it is. And then we all went to church the next day! It is so happy to see families all together in the church. What greater blessing and foundation can they have in their lives than that?

Another side note, Mangos are maybe the greatest thing ever. I cannot believe that I have lived nearly 20 years without ever eating and experiencing this beautiful opportunity. If you have not had this tremendous pleasure, you have not yet lived. The joy of the juicy fruit as it hits your lips, can only be surpassed by the feeling when you realize that you still have another one in the fridge. So go eat a mango.

Cool quote for the week, "Of all the words of mouth and pen, the saddest of these is, ´it might have been´" Don't let yourself say that. Instead go do it, and then say "That was so awesome."

This is the last week left in this transfer. I am hearing rumors that I might be transferred out of Guaymas, which means I would be leaving to another Area in Sonora, and also be leaving the first area of my mission! Next Monday I might be writing you from another location!

Life is good! Cuidense!
Elder Bernal

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