Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Week 17

Hello hello!

So this week went by really fast ironically, since last week was rather slow. Unfortunately, I also don't have too much time to write cause we have a busy day, so I just wanted to share a quick experience and a cool video that I saw this week.

We taught one family that is very christian, very kind, and had an incredible experience. After teaching them about Prophets and the Restoration of The Gospel, we invited them as with everyone to go directly to the source of all truth, even God himself, and ask if the things that we had spoken were true. My companion and I felt prompted to invite them to prayer in that exact moment. We all got down on our knees, and had Juana say the prayer, asking in specific if the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints was true. During the prayer, that indescribable feeling overcame me. As Juana finished, my companion asked her how she felt, and what she thought. She responded that she felt it was all true, because of the spirit she had felt since the moment we had entered the house, and strongest in the moment when she began her prayer. With the biggest smiles on our faces, we confirmed her belief with our testimonies and assurity that this is the restored church of the Lord Jesus Christ. We left the house still smiling.

Here is the video, its only about 3 minutes so give it a look!

Have a great week!
Elder Bernal

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