Monday, May 19, 2014

Week 15: "Get up and win the race"

Feliz Dia de Las Madres!!

To Kristen and Rosy, my beloved mothers, I publicly express my love and gratitude for you in my life. Thank you so much for all you do and know that your son sends his love all the way from Mexico! 

Once again, another killer week. I cant keep up with all the blessings and miracles that happened this week but things are just going awesome. One thing that really sticks out to me is how kind and polite the families here are. So many families here will drag us into their house and beg to let them give us food or water or anything just to be courteous. Good thing too because I'm always hungry and can never get enough of the carne asada. Its almost becoming a problem.

Speaking of Mothers Day, I got to talk with the rest of the family! So great to see you guys and hear your voices!

On a spiritual note, we had one lesson this week that was very special. We met this one man and his wife who were super cool, and the husband was telling us about how how really wanted to turn his life around and had always admired the standards of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints. We met them one evening, taught a lesson, and invited them to make the change in their lives, accept the gospel, and be baptized. The husband accepted almost instantly, without a single doubt, but his wife was a little hesitant. As she explained why, she broke down into tears and realized that the reason she was feeling that way is because she was scared, but in that moment realized it was the right thing to do. Upon the second invitation, she accepted. Her husband closed with a prayer, and gave thanks that the elders came to help change their lives. When we opened our eyes, his wife was still in tears because of how powerful she felt the Holy Ghost. It is moments like these that me so happy to be doing what I´m doing, and to be a missionary for the Lord. To be able to bring happiness to the lives of others watch it all happen is an incredible, incredible thing.
Lastly, my companion says he hears me talk in my sleep, so one night he woke and up and wrote down all the things I said. Its kind of long but I wanted to share it with you.

So in reality, my cmpanion showed me this poem and I thought it was awesome, and that it was something that we all might like to hear. Just like the scripture I shared last week, we will all have challenges, struggles, but they only make us stronger. No single person in the history of the world ever lived a life without falling. In fact, those that were successful and reached their potential probably failed countless times. But what separates the two is those who decide to get up. We are all here participating in the race of life, but the catch is there is no finish line, no first place, no competition amongst others. It is a journey between us and our Father in Heaven. The way we will know if we have won first place, is if we always "get up, and win the race."

Have a great week everyone! Run hard!

Elder Bernal

P.S. Check out this weeks adventures!

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