Friday, August 8, 2014

Week 26: "Focus on the good in others and you will find much more"

Hello world!

This week was SO SO AWESOME. In a bagillion of ways it was just so cool. I started keeping a list of everything this week because there were just too many things that I wanted to write about. So get ready, this might be long pero vale la pena, leanlo por favor muchas gracias los amo muchisimo.

1. My stud companero has this super cool book about Joseph smith, and for every day of the year there is something about him, a little special message or reminder to have for the day. I read one that I really like. It was talking about holding judgements about others. If we are only looking for the bad in people, we are going to find it. However, what you find may not reflect so much about them as it does about you. In other words, the bad that you "find" in other people is actually a reflection of who you are as a person, of the insecurities you may have and not so much of theirs. If you are looking for the bad in others, you wil probably find it, but why are you looking for the bad in the first place? Focus on the good, and you will find much more. We never know their story or what they have been through, so it is best to hold our tongue. An interesting thought to keep in mind the next time we may naturally want to lay a judgement on others. 

2. We had a lesson with this guy name Horacio, who is 17 and his Mom and him are listening to us. One lesson when his mom wasn't there, he said he wanted to learn more about the Plan of Salvation, and the life after this. We talked about Gods Plan, explained why here is here on this earth, and what God has planned for him after. It was a super powerful lesson. At the end, I bore my testimony to him, that I knew this plan was true, and that it is literally revelation from the heavens. Towards the end, I said I know that Christ lives, and that he was there with us in spirit testifying of the truth. Horacio responded, "I know man, you can feel it too?" MUSIC TO MY EARS. That was one of the best moments of my mission, hearing him clearly say that he was feeling the Holy Spirit and that he knew it was real. Without delay, he responded again that he wanted to baptized, and that he was ready. Could it get any better? No, it couldn't. It was so awesome. So so amazing. The spirit is real, and its presence can be felt, if we just invite it.

3. It rained. It rained so hard. And then it actually rained every day after. Actually now that i think about it, its rained almost every day ive been here at one point in the day. I LOVE THE RAIN. As my awesome (and bien guapo) Dad reminded me of a quote from a cool movie, "God is in the Rain."

4. I am going to apply what I learned in 3rd grade and show, not tell. That is, I am going to try and explain what Nogales is like. Imagine a humble village, up in the mountains, which some shades of green and others hillsides of mud, on a sunny day with some partial clouds. Are you thinking of something like Machu Piccu?? That is literally what i think of when im here. We are like some Sherpa village up in the mountains, and its actually so cool. I feel like a city in the sky sometimes, and although its a lot of walking up and down some gigantic hills, it is still a beautiful scene.

5. We did a service project this week and painted a newly bought shop for one of the members here. I suck at painting. He might have to buy another place now.

6. On (fun) Friday, we were just finishing up our studies when it was time to leave. I slipped my shoes on routinely, got my stuff and headed out the door. After about 10 steps, I felt a little something in my shoes. Hmm, a little rock buggin me already just a few seconds out the door? I took my shoe off, peared inside, and there, I did not find a rock. I found a freshly dead cockroach (whether because I crushed it or because of the odor remains unknown). The first thought I had was flattering because this cockroach had decided to make his humble home in the same place as my feet. Then I realized it was kind of gross, so i brushed the guts off my sock, put my shoe back on, and headed out to work! FUN FRIDAY RIGHT

7. This week was sacrament meeting, and it was perfect because we had brought TONS of people to church with us this week! Testimony meeting is when the members of our church, instead of giving a speech or class, can choose to go up to the pulpit and bear their personal testimony of Jesus Christ and his church. Always a very spiritual meeting that I look forward to. One testimony that stuck out to me was one by a cute little girl, about 7 years old. She waltzed her way up to the stand, climbed on to the foot stool, positioned that mic perfectly proportionate to her height, then, after a big breath, literally shouted "YO SE QUE JESUCRISTO VIVE", which means I know that Jesus Christ Lives. As she realized how loud she was talking, she quietly continued to bear her sweet innocent testimony to the congregation. Hearing the words of such a young girl bear testimony of what she knew to be true, about the most important thing in the world, hit home for me, as I am sure it did for many others listening.

8. One of my awesome friends Jessie Jones sent me something SUPER cool, that I want you guys to read.

"Let me ask you something. If someone prays for patience, do you think God gives them patience? Or does He give them the opportunity to be patient? If he were to pray for courage, does God give him courage, or does He give him opportunities to be courageous?"

When we pray to God and ask him for things, let us always be watchful that we will know his answers when they come. An interesting perspective that will help us understand how to recognize divine answers.COOL HUH. Atta girl Jessie.

Life is just so good. And thank you all so much for taking time to write me. I literally cant describe how happy I am to see emails from you all. Makes my day every time.

Elder Bernal

PS. I can now start receiving packages from you guys in like 5 days!!! Instead of sending it to Mexico, you can follow the directions here and send it to the home of a member in Arizona, and she brings it all over for us. Yay!!!


Ma. Isabel Garcia
82 N Terrace Ave.
PMB 066
Nogales, Az 85621

To designate it is for me, put "Elder Bernal" in the return address, and she will send it our way.

Thanks, peace and love.

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