Friday, August 29, 2014


Hey gang,

Another awesome week in Nogales! I got a little sick because we got fed pig skin and it didn't sit so well in my stomach. Looks like pig skin just isn't my thing because I either fumble when its in my hands or it makes me sick when I eat it. (get it, pig skin...)

We had an awesome lesson this week with a person named Gabriela. She has been wanting to get baptized for over two years now but hasn't been able to because of some complications. When I first got to Nogales, we had gone to her house to visit her, but she was supposedly never there. Finally, one day, when we came by, she was around, so we passed by, and she told us that she as going to be leaving to another state in Mexico and we wouldn't be able to see her anymore. It was pretty sad, I will be honest, but we wished her well, and she said she would be leaving the next day. That week, my companion and I had a conversation about miracles. We said that in any given situation, we need to always have faith the the lord will provide us with a miracle, because without faith, he will not do anything (2 Nefi 27:23). So the following we week, we were around Gabrielas house and we noticed that her door was open. We thought, hmm, that's weird, we thought she left. So we swung by, and she saw us and said "hey Elders, I´m still here! And i have some news for you. Come by tomorrow at 11!" Cool got it sounds good. So we came back the next day at 11, and had one of the best lessons I have in my mission. She was so excited and just jumped right off the bat and said that the complications she had that had held her back from being baptized were going to be removed very shortly, and that she was now going to be able to be baptized after waiting for two years! She was like "Elders, put the date, I want to get baptized now!" TALK ABOUT MIRACLES. We thought she was gone, and now look what that turned into. If all goes well, Gabriela´s two year wait will finally come to an end September 6th. The Lord works miracles, but we must have faith first. For after the trial of our faith comes the blessings (Ether 12:6). I know this to be true because I saw it happen first time. God is a God of miracles.

An another note, I don´t know if it has hit number 1 on iTunes yet, but everybody needs to stop what they are doing and listen to the song attached. It is sung by none other than my own sister Adrianna Bernal, and oh my goodness it is heavenly.!/search/song?q=Adrianna+Bernal+Your+Hands

Another note, as you all know how handsome and charming Fernando Bernal is, Coca Cola has now realized that fact as well, and instead of putting their brand name on their bottles, they figure that the mere name of Fernando will send people crawling. See photo attached

Thats all for this week. Love you guys!
Elder Bernal

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