Sunday, September 7, 2014

Week 29: "Life just keeps getting better and better"


So, apologies for not writing yesterday. Turns out that we had transfers, and my companion left me :( He is going to Guaymas to work in the exact same place that I was in!! I gave him a bunch of tips about the place and I know he is gonna kill it.

SO, in place of my Elder companion, they sent me Elder Otteson, WHO IS FRESH OUT OF THE OVEN FROM THE MTC!!!! Elder Otteson just finished his training in Utah, and now he is just getting to Mexico to start his mission. He is 14 days in.... how precious! Reminds me so much of when I got to the mission and I was so freaked out with everything but excited. And then I look back at the time and I realize that I already have 7 MONTHS IN THE MISSION!! Time really goes by that fast?? Miss me yet guys!!????

I am going to be Elder Otteson´s Trainer, meaning that I will be teaching all the things he needs to know about being a missionary. In the mission, they say that when you get a freshy missionary from the MTC, he is your "son," and you are his "Dad," and so I now officially have a child. And my "Dad," or Elder Mejia, the Elder who trained me, now has a grandson. I'm pretty young to already have a son don´t cha think?? I am super excited though. I have to admit that ever since I got here, I have always wanted to train a new missionary. It is a special opportunity because you literally get to form a servant of the Lord. Your companion has no idea what is going on in the mission, and so he is watching every you do. With Gods help, I get to help this missionary understand how great his purpose is here in Mexico, and give him the tools he needs to be a successful instrument in the hands of the Lord. Now that I think about it, its kind of like Build a Bear. Lets hope I don't screw it up...

Cool things that happened this week...

1. I read an AWESOME scripture in the Book of Mormon, in Ether 2:25. God is talking here, to the brother of Jared, and this is what he says:

25 And behold, I prepare you against these things; for ye cannot cross this great deep save I prepare you against the waves of the sea, and the winds which have gone forth, and the floods which shall come. Therefore what will ye that I should prepare for you that ye may have light when ye are swallowed up in the depths of the sea?

When I read this scripture, it spoke differently to me. To me, it said "I will prepare you against all things, for you cannot go through this life save that I guide you through the struggles and obstacles that will come. Therefore, what do you want that I should do for you, that you may have light when it is dark, that you may be strong when you feel weak, and that you may be find a way out when you feel overwhelmed by the world?" I absolutely loved loved loved it. One of my favorite scriptures that I have read.

2. News update on our friend Michel, the pastor of his church.... He is doing really really well..... We watched the Restoration movie with him about Joseph Smith, and he loved it. We ended up giving him the movie, and he was so happy. I am so pumped for this guy. Pray for him. Weekly update to come next week.

3. Two amazing packages arrived this week, thanks to Rosy Bernal and my beloved family, and the great Taylor Smith. Thank you rosy for the lifetime supply of deodorant. I think I have enough to supply myself for the rest of my life, as well as the population in Nogales. much appreciated. Tay Tay thank you so much for the KILLER TIE and the pounds and pounds of pretzels. I am in heaven. You guys are so awesome thank you so much for all the work you put in to sending these. You have no idea how happy I feel when they come!

4. This week, I finished the book of Mormon in Spanish for the second time in my mission, and as I always do, I put to the test the promise that we are given in the final chapter of Moroni 10, verses 3-5. I got down on my knees, prayed to God, and asked him yet again if this book is true, and if Joseph Smith was called to be his Prophet to restore the church of Jesus Christ. I have learned in my mission the when the Holy Ghost speaks, it comes in many different ways, often revealing an answer in a subtle feeling or thought. But it always comes. As I uttered this words, I felt the chills overtake by body. I felt a peace and calm that cannot be explained, only felt. And again, I knew for myself, that these things are all true. I invite all others to do as I did, and as many are doing across the world, to read this section in the Book of Mormon, kneel before the Almighty, and ask him for the truth. Whether you are member of The LDS church of not, I promise you that this act will strengthen your faith and belief in God, and will bring you closer to him as you receive your individual answer. It has worked for me, and I know it will work for all those who ask with an open heart, true intention, and having faith.

I don't know how, but life just keeps getting better and better. I cannot belief that I have already been gone for 7 months. It feels like it was yesterday that I was a just a itty bitty noob out of the MTC and starting my mission, and now I am training someone who is in that spot. Life goes by fast when you are having fun, and I am so happy to know that I still have so much time left in my mission.

Enjoy the photos! Look at the wittle fishies on my tie!

Elder Bernal

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