Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Week 32: "THANK YOU!"

Hello all!

SO this Saturday in the mission, was a very unique day. It was the 20th of September, and it was my first birthday in the mission! My companion had bought me a delicious cake that we ended up eating later in the evening. But to be honest, this birthday was much much different than the rest of the birthdays that I have had, mainly because although your birthday is supposed to be a day about you, there is not a single day in the mission that should be focused on yourself, including your birthday. And so, to my content, I spent my birthday serving the Lord as I would any other day, and saved the celebration for later after we had finished our work.

Thank you all so so so so so much for you awesome birthday letters! Ah I cannot even begin to tell you all how happy and loved I feel when I see your letters. Although Saturday was my birthday, I feel very blessed today to see all of your words :). Also, if I am not mistaken, Sam`s birthday was this last Sunday. Happy birthday my man!

Also, Thank you so much to Sister Buckmiller and the MI Seminary class for mailing me such an awesome birthday package!!!! SO MUCH CANDY!!!!!!!!!!! I AM SO HAPPEH!!!!

So not a whole lot to write this week, but tomorrow I am expecting to have a killer email so stay tuned.... But just know that this week was great, and I had an excellent first birthday in my mission.

ALSO PS. I was informed this Sunday to remind everyone, that if you do decide to send me a package to the address that is in the United States, DO NOT PUT MY NAME IN THE MAILING ADDRESS. If you do, the member that brings the packages over has to pay 5 dollars and go through a huge hassle to get them. MY NAME GOES ANYWHERE ON THE PACKAGE BUT THE MAILING ADDRESS. The preferable spot is the return address, but please make sure that you do not put my name in the mailing address. Only write exactly as is stated in the prior email that I sent. If not, I will have to keep paying money for each package! Here is the previous message with his instructions:


Ma. Isabel Garcia

82 N Terrace Ave.

PMB 066

Nogales, Az 85621

To designate it is for me, put "Elder Bernal" in the return address, and she will send it our way. Thanks, peace and love.

I Love you all so much. You are all so sweet and I am so grateful for the love you sent me this week. Hope all is well!
Elder Bernal

Another PS: Check out this awesome movie the church is doing. Go see it when it comes out:

Elder Holland introduces "Meet the Mormons"

Elder Holland introduces "Meet the Mormons"

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