Friday, October 10, 2014

Week 33: "So fresh and so clean"

Hello everyone!

Sooooo this week was AWESOME. We are going to Hermosillo en an hour because we have a meeting over there, so once again, not a whole lot of time to write, BUT i will just talk about the best.

Our investigator Manuel Antonio got baptized! He is literally one of my favorite people alive. He has this witty sense of humor and just always a giant smile on his face. He always tells us that he is so happy that we have come to visit with him. When we were in his baptismal service, he would not stop telling us, "Elders, thank you so much for teaching me. Thank you so much for baptizing me I feel so happy right now this is so great!" Like over and over and over again and oh my gosh I almost died of happiness. And then when he finally got baptized.... These will be moments and images that are forever engraved in my memory. What a special special day. It is so gratifying because we work and work and work for these moments, and when they finally happen, AH there is nothing better. Makes me want to go out and work ten times harder so that everyone can always feel like this.

Check out the pics that are attached. So fresh and so clean!

Love you all, hope all is well, and no one was hurt by the E coli!

Elder Bernal

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