Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Week 37: Scorpions and quotes

Hey Everyone!

So this week FLEW BY. I realize that I say that just about every week, but seriously its like things go by faster and faster as each month goes by...

So there was just lots of commotion going on this week because it was the first week in our Zone and a ton of new missionaries got here, so we had to make some arrangements for a few of them, but it was great. My companion is literally the man. He is my best friend in the mission and we have way too much fun together. The best part is that we work super hard too, and so it makes everything so much better. Hermosillo is a whole lot hotter than Nogales, that's for sure. Good news is that the heat is going down so it is pretty bearable..... (spelling?). There is one picture that I sent that is of two scorpions that I killed as they were about to sting Elder Evans!! I should have killed them after the stung him, huh?

To make up for lack of writing lately, a sent a ton of pictures (see week 36) of me leaving nogales, and a few things happening here in Hermosillo. Hope you enjoy. Along with those, here a some quotes I heard this week.

"Success is easy to obtain. The difficult part is deserving it."

"Dreaming of success is good, but making it a reality is better."

"The ultimate challenge in life is to reach this equilibrium; Learning to be happy with all that you have, while pursuing all that you desire."

Love you all, have a great week!

Elder Bernal

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