Tuesday, November 10, 2015

Week 88: "There is just always something I can do"

Hello everybody!!

Before any further delay, HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO ELISE LEVESQUE (pronounced leveck) ON NOVEMBER 9TH!!!!!! Hope you have a great one Elise!

This week, I finished once again the Book of Mormon. As I finished the last page, I did what I have always done after finishing. I knelt down, and put to the test the promise given in Moroni 10:4-6. For the 5th time in my mission, I received the confirmation given by the Spirit of the veracity of this book, and can say with all conviction that I know that it is the word of God. And like last time, I invite all others to do the same! 

Well..... what can I tell you guys this week. We had another meeting in Hermosillo with a handful of very fine missionaries, and it was a very spiritual and uplifting event. We sang "Israel God is Calling" and it turned out stunning. I am really enjoying being in Hermosillo again and contacting people a ton of the buses. In Puerto PeƱasco, we didnt have a public transportation system, so now it is a lot of fun to talk with everybody on the bus. I really did miss it. 

I dont really know what to say today. Once again I find myself thinking that I am just really really loving my experience in the mission. I am learning so much about life, loving every second of it,. The days go by like hours, and every day I come home more tired than the last. There is just always something I can do, or some way that I can try to be of help to someone. I realize that we can always and indeed we should always be looking for more things that we can do to help lift one another. The only gratifying and worthwhile life is the one that is spent in the good of others.

Have an awesome week! Try to do something special for one person each day!

Elder Bernal

Enjoy this awesome quote kudos to Garret

"There are many people, particularly in sports, who think that success and excellence are the same thing. They are not the same thing. Excellence is something that is lasting and dependable and largely within a person's control. In contrast, success is perishable and is often outside our control. If you strive for excellence, you will probably be successful eventually. People who put excellence in the first place have the patience to end up with success. An additional burden for the victim of the success mentality is that he is threatened by the success of others and he resents real excellence. In contrast, the person that is fascinated by quality is excited when he sees it in others.” - Joe Paterno

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