Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Week 4: "Muy Caliente"


I´ll be honest and say that this was a tough tough week. Definitely fun and exciting, but tough. My companion has an accent that is literally so so hard to understand, I never know what is going one. I´m always asking him questions and we both get frustrated over basic conversations so BE HAPPY YOU CAN UNDERSTAND EACH OTHER. We are both put in a new area where we don´t know anyone, any of the members, or any of the investigators so it was a difficult week but difficult is good. Our house is huge compared to some other places. we have four different rooms but we only use two. Its soopa hot here, and the first couple days I was sweating like crazy after only a few minutes walking, and its only going to get worse...

When we first started to teach people, I didn´t know what anyone was saying because they all talk so fast so I didn´t get to say very much in our first lessons. I felt so useless just sitting there nodding, but with time I could add a little bit to the conversation. Its getting better but still lots to learn. We´ve taught a couple families and people so far that seem interested, but mostly set up appointments with people to meet again later this week. So as far as missionary work goes, its tough, but its coming along.

OK so, some funny stuff that happened this week:

1. Elder Mejia, my companion, lost the key to one of our gates, so for a few days we had to hop our fence. the very first time I did it, I smacked my hand on a CACTUS on the way down. It didn´t hurt that bad at first, but all the little needles were stuck all in my fingers, so we had to spend the next 20 minutes disecting my fingers and ripping out each little sliver that was stuck. Call me a baby, but it hurt...

2. I have quickly found out that MOST ( I don´t want to generalize here... but its true) Mexicans are so bad at singing. Whenever we sing a hymn at church or in lessons, people get so off tune it is impossible not to laugh. We were teaching this one family, and when we sang a song together, my companion is so tone deaf I was literally crying in front of everyone because I was laughing so hard at his singing voice. It is so funny. But basically because of all this, my awesome singing skills are FINALLY being recognized.

3. I ate Cow liver! The first weird ish food that I´ve eaten here. I didn't know what it was while I was eating it, probably a good thing, but I noticed it tasted kind of weird. Afterwards they pointed to their stomachs and said it was from a cows inside, and I figured out the mean´t the liver. Que suave.

4. I had to give a short little talk in Sacrament Meeting yesterday, and I went up there and introduced myself, and then said Me gusta mi Companero, meaning to say that I like my companion and hes cool, but what that actually means in spanish is that I´m attracted to my companion. So needless to say it was a great first impression, and my first public mistake with the language.

Thats about if for this week! A couple people have asked me what I would want in a package. If you dear souls do want to send me anything, not that you need to at all of course, but if you do, I would love your favorite snack, a love letter, and/or a tie! Ties are like what makes a missionary cool, its what adds some flavor to our outfit. Plus, I´d always think of you everytime I explain to someone where I got my really cool tie. :)

Love you all! Thanks for your emails, and talk to you next week!
Elder Bernal

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