Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Week 5: "One month already!"

Hello all!

This Wednesday it will be a month in the mission already. I've noticed that the days started off to go by pretty slow, but the weeks fly by. As things become a little more comfortable, everything just starts going by faster. Some of the guys here say that once the language is no longer an issue, you no longer realize how fast everything goes by and before you know it you're done, so I know I have to cherish every moment, even the hard ones!

This week was a pretty good one by all means. We had 3 days in a row that were just awesome. It was exciting for me to actually be able to participate a little more in the lessons, being able to bear my testimony and such, and also be able to keep up with what everyone is saying. This week I extended my first baptism invitation to a Mother we had been teaching, and she said yes! Despite the broken spanish, she seemed very happy that we were there and wanted to learn more. We didn´t have that many lessons though because this week is called Carnival, and its basically a city wide celebration where nobody is home and everyone is out and about doing stuff, so we didn't have as much to do as normal.

So in the MTC, I noticed I had like a little rash on my cheek that I would like scratch every morning, and I figured it would go away. But this last week I was getting pretty bad, and it turned into just a big red ring of rash on my cheek. We ended up having to go to the doctors to get it checked out and I had to pay him 30 bucks for a two minute meeting where he told me to just buy the standard rash cream or something in the pharmacy downstairs because I guess its just a really common fungus in Mexico. If I wouldn't have done anything though, it would have just kept expanding until it covered my body so luckily we got it taken care of.

We did our first service project, and it was sweet! We helped a lady build a cement shelf around part of her house, which included making all this cement from scratch and then building this little fence. It was super hot too but really fun. I forgot to bring my camera otherwise I would send you back some sweet pics of us with our shovels. It was right after this that we met a couple that send they had heard all about the church, they´d been to Utah and had read part of the book of Mormon, and they had tried to be baptized before, but for whatever reason it fell through.... Elder Mejia and I were both just like how in the world did we just land such awesome investigators. It just goes to show that the lord will bless us when we serve others. Never forget that service is one of, if not the best ways that we can show our love for others and for God.

Unfortunately I spoke too soon, and since I "thought" I could sing, me and three other elders have been picked to perform a piece in front of our special conference we are having in three weeks. An apostle and a few Elders from the seventy will be there, so we like have to practice to make sure its good, but none of us a very good at singing so it might be awful probably will be but whatta ya gonna do. We are going to sing Armies of Helaman, great song, so hope that it goes well....

Still real real hot here. I think its around 80 or 90ish, and the summer is supposed to be upwards of about 120 before the humidity. I also have a narly tan line from where my dress shirt cuts off at my neck, and I'm going to try and see how bad it can get in two years.

Hope all is well!

Elder Bernal

P.S. This photo is of a couple of us missionaries from our zone having lunch at a really nice member's house in San Carlos. The Elder on the right is Elder Mitchel and guess what, he and I will be teammates at BYU when we both get back! What are the odds right????

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