Monday, March 24, 2014

Week 8: "I took my first actual nap since before I left, twas good."


This week we had a special training in the center of Hermosillo for all of the rookie missionaries, which included everyone who has under 12 weeks in Mexico. It was led by the president of our mission and his two assistants, and it was great. We got to listen to some really good advice from experienced missionaries, and we got to ask some questions about things in the mission. They gave us some pretty good tips for our first few months in the mission and I thought it was pretty helpful. My favorite part might have been the long bus ride to and from Hermosillo because it was maybe the nicest Greyline bus I have ever been on, the seats felt like they were clouds from heaven, and I got to take my first actual nap since before I left. So yea twas good.

Another thing that I thought to be particularly interesting this week was something that a member told me that blew my mind. In the legitimate mexican history, that you can probably find on Wiki and also inscribed on many ruins that are in Mexico, such as the ones in Chicken Itza (lol cant remember how to spell it) and Teohawackan (even worse) in Mexico city, it describes of an event where a man descended from the sky, dressed in all white, and visited the people at the pyramids, but there seems to be no explanation to it. Even better, near a waterfall between the border of Guatemala and Mexico, that stil exists today, there is a mural sketched on a wall of a man's dream of a tree with an incredibly white frute, an iron rod, and a tower a little ways off separated by a body of water. Like are you kidding me. Nobody knows where and why this is there, but anyone who knows anything about the Book of Mormon will know exactly why these are there. Of course I dont know the whole story and Im sure there is more to it. But still, this is like common Mexican history knowledge, and its pracically straight out of the Book of Mormon. who knew right?

So that is about it for this week. Talk to you guys soon.
Elder Bernal

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