Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Week 6: "Every day of our lives is a day to be grateful"

Buenas Amigos!

Another great week here. Nothing very unique to report. but all is well. We are having transfers next monday, so there may be a few missionaries coming and going. The Hermosillo mission is supposed to get 22 new missionaries as well, so that would make 200 total in the state of Sonora, more than ever before!

Finally remembered to bring my address, here it is.

(Elder) Connor Bernal
Av. Garcia Conde 301
Col. Pitic
Hermosillo, Sonora
C.P. 83150

A little tip that someone told me: sometimes the big packages are more likely to be "inspected" meaning that the mailman wants to know if he wants whats inside, so if you want you can like put some religous stickers of Jesus or the virgin mary (seriously) on the package and usually they wont mess with it. An even more ensuring way is to do it through UPS. It will probably be a little more expensive though. I´m sure if you ask the people at the post office they will probably be able to give you some better advice than me.

I would say that the best thing that happened this week was a zone meeting that we had with all the missionaries in our zone, which was about 24. Our zone leaders gave us a little bit of a pep talk that was really good, all about motivating us to work as hard as we can. One of them asked us a question and said,"If you were to have Christ himself come teach with you for a day, how successful do you think it would be, and how hard would you work?" After we all agreed it would be a really good day, our zone Leader then said,"Then tell me why everyday of your mission is any different? Are we not all walking with his spirit every day, and is that not essentially the same thing?" ahh I LOVED that, our zone leaders are real good. Then after that, the three missionaries that were leaving bore their testimonies to us. Through all their tears, the spirit really hit all of us in the room. These elders, who were about to finish their two years of service, now wanted nothing more than to stay in Mexico as missionaries for two more. Each one of them had such a strong testimony and they knew that church is true, and you could really see it in their eyes. I went home that night and wrote in my journal what they said. I wanted to remember the words of the departing missionaries, so I can remember for every day of my mission that there are so many other people who would kill to be in my place. The mission is so short, and an opporunity like this is not one to be taken lightly.

Everyday of our lives is a day to be grateful for where we are and what we have. One day we are all going to look back and realize how fast it all went. If we dont give every day our very best, we are cutting ourselves short of the beauties of life. Because of those missionaries, I know that in two years, I will be able to look back on my mission and say that I gave it my everything, and I did all that the Lord wanted me to do with the time given me. It would be a shame and a waste to live any other way.

Love you all, and I hope that you can see the awesomeness that life has to offer with each new sunrise. Talk to you in a week!

Elder Bernal

ps. some pics from the mission thus far

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