Monday, March 31, 2014

Week 9: "Basically don't mess with the elders"

Buenas Buenas,

So I kept a log this week of all the stuff I wanted to write you guys about, and I made quite a stellar list if I do say so myself. So without hyping it up, here it is

1. An awesome quote I heard that is so true. "You can´t give something away without God giving you more in return." reminded me of another quote that I had heard "No one was ever remembered for what they were given, but for what they gave." Some good stuff ay!

2. We had this elder named Elder Farrow acompany us for three days this week, and he was so chill. Awesome guy, super funny, and full of energy. So this one night, we were walking passed this little sport court. Practically every night we walk past it, and what it is is a basketball sized court with hoops that are basically there for decoration and soccer goals which are why the court is there. Every time we walk passed these kids are always hollering at us like "Oh its the elders come play come play come on!" and every time we are like "Nahh we can't we got work to do!" But this time the kids were like "They scared they don't wanna play" and naturally since we´re guys the three of us looked at each other and were like ok ok ok thats it lets show these boys and gave in. So the three of us tucked in our shirts real good, fastened up our italian silk ties, laced up our leather dress shoes, grabbed two other kids to join our team and played a game of 5 on 5. We played first to two goals. The bad guys scored first, but it was better that way for a more epic victory. We rallied back with a sweet goal, assisted by yours truly. Thank you, thank you, and then it was tied for a while. But of course we had the advantage because I mean let's be honest we´re missionaries so obviously we had God on our side. So naturally he guided the ball directly into our hands and Elder Farrow finished the deal and scored a sweet goal that brought an uproar from the crowd!! They were all bitter cause the missionaries beat them and we just walked away like yea no biggie. It was time well spent because we got a few contacts out of it...basically don't mess with the elders.

3. In one lesson we had, we asked if there were any questions and one of the ladies asked, "Well the one thing I'm wondering is like, when noah built the ark, like, how did the people breathe, because it says like that the flood was so big it like covered mountains and it's like hard to breathe up there you need oxygen so how does that make sense?" At first I was like.... um what... but hey it was an honest question that she really didn't know. We kind just said: God probably figured it out, and also that we didn't think it meant Mt. Everest when it said mountains...gave us a good laugh afterwards.

4. We taught a lesson in English this week because one the of families we taught is from Tucson and English is more comfortable. I gave the opening prayer, and it was SO bad I had to apologize after because I have been praying in Spanish for 2 months now. I like spaced out on how to say it in English. It was really weird at first but I was kind of happy because it meant that my Spanish is coming along :) Cool to teach in English though. Easier to bear my testimony and finally be able to say everything I feel inside, as opposed to having it locked up inside because I dont know how to say it.

5. It was cloudy this week a lot, and it made me miss seattle sooo much. Next time it rains, stand outside and get drenched for me.

Sorry for the long email, but it was a good one this week. Love you all!
Elder Bernal

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