Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Week 10: " "The Gospel of Jesus Christ is not for once a week, or for once a day, It is for Once and For All."


This week we did intercambios for a day which is when another missionary will switch places with my companion, and I would work with him for the day. I was paired up with my companion in the MTC, and it was awesome because neither one of us speak Spanish's perfectly and so we were excited to see how we could do on our own! It was actually a really fun day and I felt like I grew a lot with the language because I couldn't rely on my companion understanding everything, we had to do it ourselves. But my Spanish is still bien chafa!

The best part about this week was conference. Maybe its different because I saw it while in the mission field, but I thought this was one of if not the best conferences I have ever seen. I LOVED both of Uchtdorf's talks about "Are you sleeping through the Restoration?" and the other all about gratitude. Elder Hollands, Hallstroms, and Monsons were all some of my favorites too.

I noticed there was a reptitive theme in conference that even though the world around us is changing, Gods laws do not change. We must always remember to stand strong in our faith and for what we believe in whether the world wants to agree with it or not. The most important thing that I noticed about conference was the theme about Christ like love. Elder Holland said that Christ like love is the biggest need in the world today, and I couldn't agree more.

I was going to bring my notes and leave with you with some bomb quotes, but I forgot. SO instead I will leave you with the one that I loved the most. When Uchtdorf said this, I threw my pen down and shouted "BOOM" in a room of all the other English speaking missionaries, and they all looked at me and laughed.

Here it is:

"The Gospel of Jesus Christ is not for once a week, or for once a day, It is for Once and For All."

The gospel is true, and it is something that every single person on this earth needs. It does not matter who you are or where you come from, what school you go to or how cool you think you are, Everyone needs Christ in their lives. If you do not know him, get to know him. He will change your life for the better and bring you happiness you may not have known you needed. I know this to be true because I see it happen first hand, every single day.

Life is great, I`m loving this work, and its only going to get better. Have a great week!
Elder Bernal

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