Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Week 53: "Barbers don't exist"

Hey everyone!

Another great week. I am starting to get a hang of this whole shouting on the buses thing. I did it again last week and this time threw in a couple jokes, you know, just to get some giggles out of everyone, and it went better than the first time! Not sure when, but I know I am going to find somebody golden doing this. I´ll let you when that happens........ 

SOOOOO, I am going to tell a little story this week that My companion Elder Guerra shared with me.

Once upon a time, there was an Old man who went to get his haircut. He entered into the barber shop, sat down, and The barber began to cut his hair. As they made small talk, the Barber made a comment that stunned the old man. "God does not exist." This struck the old man as odd, he himself being a firm believer in God all his life. "What do you mean God doesn't exist?" He responded. The barber replied, "If God existed, There wouldn't be so much suffering. If God existed, then it would be impossible to deny, everyone would know it."

The old Man responded in a very interesting way. He stood up, walked outside and grabbed a young man with very long hair. He brought him close to the Barber, so the barber could hear, and then the old man said to the young boy with long hair, "Barbers don't exist." The young boy, looking at the barber, was a little confused. This time, The old man said again to the boy, but looking at the Barber, "Barbers don't exist." The Barber was baffled.

The Old man proceeded to explain. "Just because there are people in this world with long hair, does not mean that Barbers don't exist. It simply means that these people chose not to get a haircut.¨

And so it is with God. Just because people choose not to look to God, choose not to believe in him, or choose to ignore his every day appearances, does not deny the fact that he exists. I know, and have experience firsthand, and see every single day of my mission, that God exists. His presence and his love are felt. We need but only look for Him, and he will make himself manifest. 

If your hair is too long, you get a haircut. If you want to be happy like never before, you look to God. (or you meet with the missionaries like me! :-)

Have an excellent week!!
Elder Bernal

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