Tuesday, February 3, 2015

Week 50: "Pure bendiciones"


So I don't really know what to say anymore because every week I keep saying that it just gets better and better and that I am happier and happier and honestly I think you can just all assume that LIFE IS GOING PRETTY GOOD OVER HERE.

My companion is like my best friend. This kid and I have so much fun together, joke and laugh around, and work super duper hard.

This week was awesome because Cynthia got baptized!!!!!! AHHH SO MUCH HAPPINESS!!!! It was a perfect baptismal service because TONS of people showed up, Cynthia came with her entire family, and she was so happy. She told us that after being baptized and leaving the baptismal font, she felt such a strong feeling inside that brought her to tears. Hearing these words almost brought the same effect to me! Something that helped so much in her conversion was the support of the members. So many people came to her baptism, because so many people were part of this process. The help that missionaries receive from members is immeasurable, because the converts can form bonds with friends who will help them feel comfortable and at piece in a new environment. Cynthia has countess friends from the ward, all of which helped her receive her testimony of the church. For those of you who are members of the Church, do all that you can to help the missionaries in their efforts. Your efforts can have eternal effects.

I don't know if I've said it before, but I JUST LOVE LIFE AND I LOVE ALL OF YOU.

One last thing, of minor importance to me during the mission, but nonetheless something I feel I must say from all the way in Mexico and with green and blue in my veins (maroon and white actually but whatevs).....


Elder Bernal

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