Tuesday, September 15, 2015

Week 82: "I knew that he knew."

Buenas tardes!!

Let it be known that on Thursday of this week, September 17th, my big brudder Garret G Money Bernal will be turning 27!!!!!! He´s so old! Que viejito ya!! Somebody give him a hug for me!

Today is transfer day!! I had to say goodbye once again to a dear companion Elder Child, who will be going to start the missionary work in a little town called Magdalena, where there havent been missionaries for a couple of years! Wish him lots of luck! In his place, is coming an elder named Elder Alvarez. I know him from another zone that we were together in so I am stoked. His is from Tamaulipas, a city south of the border of Texas. He is getting here tonight so I am yet to meet him. Photo coming next week....

So this week was good, but it was full of traveling. I ended up going back and forth to Hermosillo twice, which swallowed up the majority of my week and I wasn't able to work as much. It did however give me a lot of time to read, a new passion I have come to love even more in the mission. Lets hope that translates over to textbooks when I go back to school.....

A really cool experience we had this week was that we got to see the Re dedication of the Mexico City temple! This temple had been under construction for some time, and now that all is finished, it was rededicated in a series of 3 sessions, combined with a cultural session the night before. It was pretty cool to see the history of the church in Mexico and how it has grown so rapidly. It was also a very spiritual experience to listen to the services inside the temple. One of them reminded me of the power of testimony. When Elder Holland, one of the living 12 apostles, was finishing up one of his speeches, he finished bearing his testimony in Spanish. Though he didn't know how to speak perfectly, he testified of the divinity and the reality of Jesus Christ. It was so moving to hear the testimony of this apostle. The language barrier was no limit for this man, his conviction was real and his assurety was tangible. When he spoke the words, "Yo se que el vive" (I know that he lives), it sent a shiver down my spine. I knew that he knew. 

Hope all is well! Today is going to be a GREAT day. I can just feel it!

Elder Bernal

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