Tuesday, April 7, 2015

Week 57: "A Life is not important except in the impact it has on other lives."

Hey everyone!

So my bad on last week. I got caught up in a few letters and I honestly just totally forgot to write. oops

Soooooo all is super well again. Not a whole lot of news. Here are some updates:

1. Sunday was an awesome day because 3 of the people who my companion and I were able to see get baptized had huge advancements in church. Cynthia, the younger one gave her first sacrament talk about The Resurrection of Christ, and she killed it. She was reading off scriptures from the Book of Mormon and citing past Prophets like it was nothing, and I wondered where the heck she learned this things because I definitely did not teach them to her! Then, the older Cynthia received her first calling in the church as the second counselor in the Young Women's organization!! AND THEN, Joaquin, Cynthia's brother, was interviewed to receive the priesthood and he will be getting it next Sunday, AND he taught the Sunday school class to the adults (with a little bit of help from his missionary companions :) and he also killed it. SO all in all, It was very beautiful Sunday to see such young converts progress so rapidly in the church. booya!

2. This next experience goes to show that you never know how much of an effect your actions will have. When I was in Nogales, I got to know a wonderful familia named Antonio Tufino. They are all members of the Church, and are great people. The father, has a sister who is not a member, along with the rest of her family. Missionaries had always passed by, but they never accepted any of them. When I found out about them, we immediately went to go find them and talk to them. At that time I didn't know that other missionaries had already gone to visit them many times, but their chat was very casual and informal. However this time the family let us come in and we shared a lesson about the restoration. We went back to the Familia Antonio Tufino and I told them that we had gone inside and talked, and all of them were in shock. They could not believe what we were able to break their shell and let us teach them! It was cool, and I felt all special inside for being "that missionary" to brake the shell. We continued to visit them occasionally, but I never saw anything big come out of it.

Then, this week. I get a call from a missionary. He told me that he saw the Familia Antonio Tufino at the temple, and the father really wanted to talk to me. I thought that was interesting, and I asked, "What did he need?" Then my missionary friend told me something I will never forget. The father of the Familia Antonio Tufino told my friend, "It's just that I have to much to thank Elder Bernal for. He was the first missionary to get through to my sister, and now, thanks to him, My sister and her entire family are going to be baptized this month."

Hearing these words brought an incredibly feeling of happiness to my heart. Although this man gave me way too much credit for merely initiating their journey to the Gospel, I was so incredibly happy to hear the news. I never realized that what I did could have had such a big impact on him, and the life of his sister. Such a simple act that was not very big on my part, had at eternal effect on the life of all of these dear people.

Never forget the impact of every little action you make. Although to you it may seem like just another little thing, to someone else it may be the most important of their day.

Inspiration for the Week:
"A Life is not important except in the impact it has on other lives."
Jackie Robinson

Have an great week!
Elder Bernal

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