Tuesday, April 7, 2015

Week 59: Goodbye Elder Guerra

Bueno pues...

Today is a very sad day........ I had to say goodbye to one of my favorite companions Elder Guerra, who is going to be going home after two years of a well served mission. That kid was so much fun to be companions with, and it was a really tough goodbye. Long live our legendary companionship.

In other news, my new companion is Elder Hernandez! I actually didn't know him very well before we were companions, but he already looks like a sweet dude, so I have no doubts that it has the potential to be yet another legendary companionship. Look out.

So Cynthia, one of our converts her in Villa de Seris is a psychologist, and she was telling us a bit of what her conversion was like. She was telling us a ton of things that we had never known about when we were teaching here, but it was really cool to hear the things that she went through. She said that as a psychologist, it is very easy for her to tell when people are lying, she can see when people are just going through the motions, and basically she pays really good attention to all human interactions. So with all that in mind, she told us that it was so easy for her to accept the Gospel and do the things we asked, because she could see genuineness in us. She said that the happiness that Elder Guerra and I radiated made it very easy for her to feel comfortable and also made her feel the desires to know more. Listening to hear tell us these things and seeing the sincerity and her eyes made me feel so so so incredibly happy for the blessings of the Gospel. If Cynthia was the only person that I had brought the gospel to in two years, it would be two years well spent.

We are looking forward to a good couple of weeks in Villa de Seriz, and we would appreciate all the love and prayers that you can send our way. In specific, I would greatly appreciate it if you could include the names of the Familia Ayala Yocupicio and Torres Ibarra in those prayers. They are two families that are very close to receiving the restored Gospel.

Love you all muchisimo!
Elder Bernal


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