Tuesday, April 7, 2015

Week 58: Mangos!

Hey gang!

So this week was great because we finally saw the movies Meet the Mormons and it was killer. If you have seen it, you are really missing out on all the super secret information that we Mormons hide from all the earth!!!!!!!!! My favorite stories were about the Navy Football Coach, the Boxer wife from Puerto Rico, and the Dude from Nepal. Meet the Mormons, check it out.

I gave a talk on Sunday, that I was informed about Sunday morning, So that was great. I have no idea why, but even though I have been on much bigger stages, standing at the pulpit of the Sacrament Room to give a talk is the most nerve wrecking experience that practically makes me chest explode from all the nerves. Good thing I left on my mission so I could have to years to prepare for my homecoming talk, right right?????? HA

Instead of telling stories, this week I am going to send you a ton of photos that I am way behind on. Hope you enjoy!!

Love you all!
Elder Bernal

P.S. The only great thing about the weather heating up is the mangos!!!

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