Thursday, June 4, 2015

Week 66: Live A Higher Standard

Hey everyone!!

So, I don't know why, but we have been enjoying some relatively cool weather for the month of May. Normally its like already smoking hot during these days, but it has been pretty low key. I'm pretty happy about that but also dead scared for when the real deal breaks out.... pray for rain....

Normal week, but one of the coolest things was on Sunday. One of our converts whose name is Cynthia gave a talk, and OH MY GOODNESS. She is a convert of only 3 months, and this day she invited a ton of her friends to come to church to hear her talk, and she nailed it! It was SO incredibly awesome. She taught the doctrine, she bore her testimony, (she even got a little choked up when talking about Joseph Smiths First Vision) and then she invited everyone to live to a higher standard. OMG I was just so happy. So SO so incredibly proud of her to see the change that has occurred in her life. It really makes you happy to see someone like her grow so rapidly in the gospel. ah yeah so that was awesome. Go cynthia

SO MY SISTER IS GETTING MARRIED!!! CONGRATS TO MY BIG SEESTER ADRIANNA on her engagement!!!!!! I dont really know the guy but I heard he had some wonderful long locks a while back and is a athletic trainer so I could probably play that to my advantage when i get back....... Congratulations to Adrianna and Jaime!! Invitenme a la boda!!

That's all for this week. Have a great one!

Elder Bernal

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