Monday, January 5, 2015

Week 44: "Gods opportunities begin at man's extremities"


Another great week in Hermosillo! The weather is really starting to be PERFECT!! I didn't think I would every say that here.... In fact, this morning we woke up early to go play some bball and it was actually kinda chilly, one of the first times that I can remember that I was cold in a long time!

We had what is called a "multi Zona" where two big groups of missionaries got together and we had a conference to learn about how we could get better. There were about 60 or so of us and there were some things that I learned that I wanted to share with you guys!

1. About 15 got together and did a special musical number of Joy to the World. Normally when the missionaries do special music numbers they just wiff it on the day of. But I wanted to do something awesome so we got a choir of about 15 of us, practiced a ton on our P Day, and then performed for the whole group. All the missionaries, including our president, sat in shock and were like wow!! We did some harmonies and cool additions, my seesters Nana y Izzy would be proud of me :) I am going to try and get a recording of it and send it over!

2. Each time there is a conference like this, the missionaries who are leaving always bear their testimonies. As I have mentioned in a letter home before, I LOVE this part because I love to hear the testimonies of missionaries who have so much more experience and advice than I do. One of the Sister missionaries that was leaving said some that really really stuck with me. She said that throughout her mission (I´m getting the goosebumps right now), she has learned the difference in saying "I know that...." and "I am a witness." Being a witness implies that we not only know that something is true, but we have seen the effects in our lives. The truthfulness is made manifest to us in such a way that we not only know out of knowledge, but from experience. This was something I loved because it makes a testimony so much more personal and unique. We are witnesses because God has blessed our lives individually and in such a specific way that cannot be denied. When we look around at all the little blessings that we have received because of this knowledge, we realize that we not only know that its true, but we have evidence to prove it. In addition to saying that I know that God lives, I am proud and happy to say that I also am a witness.

3. Elder Holland, a member of the modern day Quorum of the 12 Apostles, said in a conference of mission leaders that "Gods Opportunities begin at man´s extremities." This struck me as unique because we all want God to perform miracles in our lives and he will absolutely do it. But where his window opens is at our very edge. It reminds me of another quote that I love, "Everything you have ever wanted in life is on the other side of fear." We have to be able to step outside of our comfort zone and be a little bold, and the marvels that God can work will become real.

That will be all for today. Wish you all a very very very Merry Christmas and hope you are doing everything you can to enjoy this special season!! Love love love love

Elder Bernal

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