Monday, January 5, 2015

Week 46: "If I could have this feeling again, it would all be worth it"

Hello to all!

So this was probably the best week of my mission. We had tons of success during the week, we celebrated a wonderful Christmas Eve eating turkey (and honestly I told them that it was better than turkey in the US.... it kinda was.... Mom don't get mad...) also ate a ton of tamales because that's what they like to do here. It is also a big tradition to eat menudo, the dreaded meal for Americans because it is repulsing.... but luckily I somehow avoided it this year. Christmas Day was also incredible because I got to talk to my beautiful family!!! So great to see all your gorgeous faces!!!!!! Love you guys so much I was smiling all day. Apart from that Skype call, the entirety of Christmas day was spent working SUPER hard. We did not gather by a fire, exchange gifts, or have a big fancy meal. This year, we spent our Christmas day working and finding others to teach them the Restored Gospel of Jesus Christ. It was unlike any Christmas I have ever had, but I think it will be one that I will always remember. As a servant of God, I wanted to show my love for him by doing what he would have me do on the day of the birth of His Son.

Another amazing highlight was the baptism of our amazing investigator Leti Izarraras!!! She did it!!!!!! Her baptismal service was so incredible. TONS of people showed up, including the President of our mission! The water was pretty chill and when Leti stepped into the water, she said, "ay no, I don't know if I can do it, its too cold!!!" Luckily she didn't get cold feet (yes that was a pun) and received the sacred ordinance of baptism. Afterwards, she told us that even though the water was cold at first, when she was lowered into the water she didn't feel it at all.

There was a moment in her baptism where I had this feeling that is like no other. I was sitting in my chair, and as I looked around, everything to my eyes seemed so perfect. A child of God was ready to make her first covenant with Him, members of the church attended her baptism to accept her with welcoming arms, and the spirit was so strong. I thought to myself, "It wouldnt matter if I only baptized one person in my entire mission. If I could have this feeling again, it would all be worth it." That being side, the feeling only came for a moment, and then it was gone, leaving me wanting more. It motivated me to continue working even harder to share the happiness that I felt in that moment with others.

I really just really love life and I just really love my mission. Enjoy the pics!

Elder Bernal

PS. Check out this video. It will give you the goosebumps guaranteed.

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